Notable Anglo-Indian Christians

Anglo-Indian Christians are an Integral part of the Indian Christian community. Some Famous Anglo-Indian Christians include:

Vivian Leigh : Famous Hollywood actress born in Calcutta, India.

Sir Cliff Richard - One of the greatest Rock artists of the world, England's most popular Rock & Gospel Star - a favorite of the Royal family too ! He was born in Indore & did his schooling in Calcutta before migrating to the UK. 

Englebert Humpendrinck - Another world famous Legendary Christian Anglo-Indian Rock star, born in Chennai, India.

Frank Anthony 

Roger Binny - Famous Anglo-Indian cricketer, India.

Russell Peters - Canadian- Indian Comedian based in Los Angeles, USA.
Ruskin Bond 

Cindy Burbridge - Indian-Thai based international Supermodel 

Shelley Conn (now Brit actress) 

Patience Cooper - Veteran Bollywood Actress.

Sir Henry Gidney - Eminient Medical Opthamologist. Prominent Anglo Indian.

Guy Sebastian - Australian Idol, 2004. 

Diana Hayden - Miss Universe 1997 ( now settled in Ireland) 

Katrina Kaif (Real Name: Katrina Turquotte) - Bollywood Movie Star.

Dr. John Dossetor - Banglore based Anglo-Indian Christian who did the first Kidney transplant in the Commonwealth. 

Joseph Harris (Cricketer) - Canada 

Boris Karloff (Legendry Hollywood star-lead star-Dracula) 

Sir. Ben Kingsley - Hollywood star of Indo-Israeli heritage ( Quaker Christian) 

David Lake - Famous Science fiction writer, Australia.

Alistair McGowan - Actor/ Comedian ( now for UK tv) 

Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool  - 3rd Longest serving British Prime Minister. He was of part Indian descent from his mother Amelia Watts who was an Anglo-Indian.

Thomas Pitt, 1st Earl of Londonderry. 

Rhona Mitra - Hollywood actress. Popular action heroine.

Gabrielle Anwar - Hollywood Actress. Popular action heroine.

Naveen Andrews - Hollywood star 

Merle Oberon - Hollywood star ( old time)

George Orwell -Anglo Indian famous author. ( "The Animal Farm") 

Frances Swiney - Feminist Brit Author 

Melanie Sykes - British TV personality/actress. 

New York, USA