Indian Christians - Socio-Economic Demography

Indian Christians lead and outscore all other religious communities in the highest literacy quotient, education excellence, highest per capita income levels ( along with Indian Sikhs) and better treatment of their women.

Indian Christians are a model community who despite being a tiny 2.34 % of the Indian population have still contributed disproportionately to the intelligentsia, science, economy and development of their nation.

Indian Christians also top the population census as the Most Charitable Community in India.

Despite this, they do face problems of unemployment. Thus many of them have turned into successful entrepreneurs and self employed professional consultants.

Indian Christians also enjoy the healthiest sex ratio, thus narrowing the gap between the genders. Statistics by the NSS-India data for 2007-2008, also shows Indian Christians treating their women as equals, which fares far better than other communities in terms of education and social status particularly in a nation where female infanticide, dowry hassles and gender bias against the female child in general is rampant.

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