Indian Christian Contributions to India

The following is only a partial list of Indian Christians I have learnt about. People are free to email me about others I might have left out. To be included in the list below, make sure that there is sufficient evidence to denote that the names you quote are Christians of Indian heritage. Thanks!

Dr. S. Christopher
Indian scientist who currently serves as Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) India. Creator of India's first indigenous Advanced Aircraft AEW&C system. 

Formerly he was director of the Centre for Airborne Systems, India.

Dr. George Koshy
- Mission Director, PSLV-C11, Chandrayaan-1, India's successful Lunar Mission 2008. Dr. Koshy was the man behind India's 1st indigenous Lunar mission that put the Indian Flag on the Moon's surface. This mission also helped a NASA equipment discover the presence of water on the Moon.

Dr. Tessy Thomas - India's current top "Missile Woman" and #1 ranked Defence technology Scientist in India. She is the creator of the highly successful premium Nuclear Indian missiles - Agni-4 and India's 1st indigenous Long Range ICBM ( Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) program - AGNI-5. She is widely considered as one of the few women scientists in the world working on advanced nuclear missile systems.

Dr.T. K. Alex,  Fmr Director ISAC (ISRO Satellite Centre). Pioneer of both Chandrayaan (Moon Mission) &  Mangalyaan (Mars Mission) for India. Chairman of Scientific & Tech Committee - Mars Orbiter Mission 2013. Pioneer in India's Advanced Space Satellite Technology.

Dr. George Joseph - Considered the "Father of Remote Sensing Satellite Imaging Technology in India". Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO. He has taken charge as the Director of the United Nations affiliated Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP). 

Reuben Paul - At the age of 9 years, he became the World's Youngest Ethical-Hacker, CIA consultant, App Developer & CEO of a Hi-Tech American Cyber Security & Gaming Company (Prudent Games). Reuben, an Indian-American from Austin,Texas was also the honored keynote speaker at the prestigious International Top Hacker's Conference: Ground Zero Summit 2015. In addition to his Cyber crime fighting skills, Reuben is also an accomplished Martial Artist.

Reuben Paul was also honored for his wizardry & genius at creating spyware/ cutting edge hacking methods using simple objects like toys in a room which was aptly demonstrated in the American Miltary and Intelligence (CIA)  National Conference:DoDIIS 2017.

Dr. Priya Abraham - Leading Virologist & COVID-19 Expert in India.  Dr. Abraham is the National Director of the National Institute of Virology (NIV),  located in Pune. She is credited for making the biggest medical breakthrough in the global COVID-19 epidemic that hit India.

Not only did she make a momentous medical breakthrough by isolating the deadly Coronavirus, but she, along with her team, has also been the guiding force of all the government and private labs that are testing the Coronavirus samples.

The NIV has succeeded in reducing the testing time of Covid-19 samples to just four hours a sample from 12-14 hours, a significant feat that will increase the number of testing.

Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj Wireless Engineering, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, USA.  One of the greatest American scientists of Indian origin in the field of Information Technology and Electronics Engineering who has won numerous coveted International Awards and is also one of the most cited inventors in the field of research.

Paulraj is known as the Father of MIMO and WIMAX & the Next Generation  High Speed 4G Internet Technology

Inventor of MIMO - Core Technology used in today's Wifi & LTE systems

Founding Director of 3 Elite National Technology Labs in India: Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), CDAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) and CRL (Central Research Labs of Bharat Electronics).

A pioneer of wireless smart antenna technology and also credited to be the "Father of  the Indian Military Sonar Technology" during his earlier career in India. 


Mathew Oomen - President of Reliance Jio. US based Electrical engineer who introduced Jio-4G & now plans to introduce 5G cellular service in India.

May George - First Woman Engineer in India. 

Charles Correa India's Greatest Architect! 

Prof Rabinder Henry - Director of Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center, Pune. India's Premier  Engineering & Technology Advanced Research Center.

This young Professor is one of the foremost Technologist. He is the leading Robotics & AI (Artificial Intelligence) expert in Indian research and training.


Dr. Ronald Ross ( Anglo Indian from Almora) - Nobel Prize for Physiology & Medicine in 1902, for his invention of the revolutionary cure for the otherwise incurable Malaria in South Asia. Its because of him that Malaria was almost eradicated from India. 


Dr E. C. George Sudhershan - One of the Worlds Greatest Theoretical Physicist alive today, based in the United States. He was born to a Syrian Nasrani Catholic family. 

His work was experimentally proven by 3 Scienitists for which they won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979 and 2005 respectively. He was the President of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Havard University (1984-1990). He is regarded as one of the greatest Theoretical Physicist in the field of Quantum Mechanics in the world today. Particularly his work on inventing -Tychons, V-A Theory of weak force, Sudhershan-Glauber Quantum representation of Coherent light. He has taken Einstein's work further into exploring the Universe and its secrets ! 

Dr. Suresh David - The man who Pioneered Emergency Medicine in India. He is the very creator of the concept of Emergency Medicine in the Asian subcontinent which has saved millions of lives.

Dr. Jacob Chandy: India's First Neurosurgeon. Regarded as the "Father of Modern Neurosurgery in India". 

Dr. Philip Augustine: Widely regarded as the top ranked best Gastroenterologist & Pancreatic Disease Specialist in India. He is the leading pioneer in Gastroenterology Endoscopic surgery, Ceremaic Knee Replacement in Asia, Pancreatology & Crohn's Disease. World renowned Endoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Mammen Chandy: India's Leading Haematologist. He is the regarded as the Pioneer of complex Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery in India. He is a Padma Shri National Award winning Surgeon who heads the prestigious TATA Medical Center, Kolkata.


Dr PV Mohandas - "Father of Modern Orthopedic Surgery in India". Also rated as  one of Asia's best Orthopedic surgeons. He is the owner of the most advanced Orthopedic and traumatology Medicity - MIOT.  

Dr PVA Mohandas and his wife Mrs Mallika Mohandas ( Protestant Christians ) have created one of the greatest medical centers in the world. MIOT is ranked in the top 30 list of Elite Medical Institutions. 

Dr KM Cherian - India's No. 1 Cardio-Vascular surgeon and founder of one of India's premier Cardiology Hospital and Institution: Madras Medical Mission (MMM). Widely considered as the very "Pioneer of Open Heart, Heart Transplant & Complex Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in India".

Dr Samuel Mathew - Top rated Cardiologist of Lilavati Hospital Mumbai and the "Father of Angioplasty Surgery in India". One of his most famous patient recently was none other than the leader of the Shiv Sena - Bal Thackeray in 2009! 


Dr. Anil D'Cruz - India's #1 Cancer Specialist. Dr. Cruz is one of the world's leading Oncologists & Cancer specialists from India who is now the "President of the Prestigious UICC (Union of International Cancer Control)". He is the first Indian to hold this title.  He is also the Director of Cancer Treatment & Oncology for Apollo Hospitals, India. He was the former Head of TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India.


CMC - Widely considered as one of India's Top Medical Institutes - Founded & run by Christian missionary medical surgeons & physicians, the CMC (Christian Medical College) Vellore is also the first Indian institute to develop & pioneer Adult Embryonic gene cloning breakthrough in South Asia. CMC Vellore is also the nation's leading Stem Cell Research & Treatment Center in the Asian subcontinent.

Furthermore, CMC Vellore is also the South Asian capital of Cochrane  - the home of the American based international body of Medical evidence, research, data, publications and healthcare policies. Cochrane is the international database and professional body which is followed by every medical professional and facility worldwide.

Dr. Jose Chacko Periapurram: One of India's leading National Award winning Cardio-Vascular Surgeons. He successfully conducted India's first Heart Re-Transplant, Beating Heart, Awake Bypass & Total Arterial Revascularization Surgeies. 


Dr. Ajit Varki
Considered a Global authority on Cellular & Molecular Medicine.
Dr Varki is a physician-scientist who is currently distinguished professor of medicine, cellular and molecular medicine, associate dean for physician-scientist training, co-director of the Glycobiology Research and Training Center at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and co-director of the UCSD/Salk Center for Academic Research Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA). He is also executive editor of the textbook Essentials of Glycobiology and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He currently serves on the National Chimpanzee Observatory Working Group and is a specialist advisor to the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee. 

K. Mani Chandy, Simon Ramo Professor of Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology 

Dr. Kevin C. Desouza, is on the faculty of the Information School at the University of Washington. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering. He serves as the Director of the Institute for National Security Education and Research, an inter-disciplinary, university-wide initiative. He is also Director and founding faculty member of the Institute for Innovation in Information Management (I3M) and is an affiliate faculty member of the Center for American Politics and Public Policy, both housed at the University of Washington. He is now a Professor of Engineering at the Arizona State University (ASU)

Thomas Kailath, Emeritus Professor of Engineering at Stanford University. Considered the World's leading expert on Linear Algebra, Matrix & Operator theory of Mathematics. Also recognized as one of the preeminent figures of twentieth-century electrical engineering.

George Varghese, Principal Scientific Researcher - Microsoft Research. Professor of Computer Science at the University of California San Diego.  

Thomas Zacharia - One of America's top 10 Computer technology Scientists. Greater than 50 % of the IPCC modelling & Simulations were provided by his innovations. He was instrumental and is working on the development of America's biggest Supercomputer. Zacharia is on an ambitious plan to give the United States the Edge in creating the World's First Exascale Supercomputer by 2021.

 He also heads the US Dept. of Energy - National Center of Computer Sciences. 

Thomas Kurian - CEO Google Cloud (USA). Fmr. President of Product Development - Oracle (USA).

George Kurian - CEO & President of the American Cloud Networking Giant: NetApp.


Dr. Paul Antony MD, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer for the Pharmaceutical Research and heads the Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) 

Dr. Mathai Varghese - Internationally renowned Indian Australian Quantum Mathematician, who invented the famous "Mathai-Quillen Formalism" for Topological Quantum field theory & Index functions. Considered one of the world's finest Mathematicians in Quantum fields.

Dr. Peter Selvaratanam -  Considered worldwide as a leading Australian award winning Medical Anatomist & specialized Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Peter is a Doctor of Medical Anatomy and a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists in 2007).

Peter is an Associate Clinical Professor at The University of Melbourne. He is also a Senior Honorary Lecturer in Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University and a Visiting Lecturer at LaTrobe University.

He has published papers on the spine and referred pain both in Australia, the UK and the USA. His research on the spine includes the relationship of the neck and jaw in their contribution to headaches, and investigations of spinal pain and referred shoulder and arm pain.

Peter has also been a consulting physiotherapist for a number of years for state and national sporting teams including cricket, hockey, basketball, football and Olympic sports.

Peter is also co-editor and author of a new textbook, Headache, Orofacial Pain and Bruxism; Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Management (2009).

Dr. Glenn Saldanha - Founder & CEO of International Indian Pharma Giant - GLENMARK. An Innovative Chemist & creator of India's leading Pharma company which won the prestigious SCRIP award in 2008. 

Mark Saldanha - Founder of Marksans Pharma


Mark Mascarenhas: Founder and CEO of - WorldTel. Celebrity Manager who made Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar into a brand.

Dr.Reita Faria - now Physician ( Ireland), Catholic - India's 1st Miss World,1966. 

Dr. Stanley John, Pioneer of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in India.

Dr. Perakath Verghese Benjamin: Award Winning Medical Expert  & Physician who pioneered the treatment of Tuberculosis in India.

Matthew Pothen Thekkaekara: Syrian-Nazrani Catholic Priest & NASA Astrophysicist who pioneered the study of Spectrophotometry. He was the Scientist who created the Thekaekara Spectrum. He was one of the first scientists in the world to publish the AM0 Spectra which is the Spectrum of Sun in Space. The historic 1973 Thekaekara spectrum was the basis for ASTM E49 (American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Solar Constant and Zero Air Mass Solar Spectral Irradiance Table) for many years. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center & the University of Colarado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics also made extensive application of the Thekaekara spectrum.

Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar - Leading American Disease Epidemiological Researcher & Myeloma  Expert from the world famous Medical Institute: Mayo Clinic, USA. 
Dr. Vincent Rajkumar has won numerous International awards for his work and research.

Dr. Abraham Thomas: Eminient Award winning internationally renowned Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon. His world famous record of doing a highly complicated facial reconstructive surgery on a young girl successfully was recognized by the prestigious American College of Surgeons by incorporating Thomas in their 100 years timeline for achievements in surgery.

Dr. Suniti Solomon: The leading Pioneer of AIDS Prevention & Treatment in India.

Dr. Isaac Santra: National Award winning Physician who pioneered the treatment & eradication of Leprosy in India.

Dr. Eufemiano Rosario Lorenzo Cardoso (Avraham) de Orta, physician, druggist, and botanist (1523-1580). He wrote and published the first major book on Indian drugs and remedies. He was of Portuguese Indo- Jewish heritage who later converted into Catholicism. 

Dr Norman Lewis - "Father of the Food-Irradiation Programme in India".

Emidio Afonso - Physician & Scientist. Just out of his teens, he reconstructed with the simplest available material a simplified version of Sir J C Bose's crescograph, an instrument for measuring the sensitivity of plants. 

Dr Froilano de Mello (1877-1955), a Goan who discovered protozoa, parasites, microbes and viruses many of which bear the Latin name given by him followed by the name "de Mello" as the discoverer. He was a Research scientist of high caliber & a successful professor. He did remarkable work for improving the health of the malaria-endemic city of Old Goa by mapping the entire area so as to discover the source of malaria. He fought valiant battles against TB and leprosy and is hailed as one of the foremost Leprologists in India. 

Laurie Baker - Eco-friendly architect and engineer

Dr.K.T.Jacob: Pioneering Plant-Geneticist. He took over the work of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose. 

Professor KT Jacob - Emeritus Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore. International & National award winning Scientist.


Dr. Thomas Thomas - The first Indian Cardio-Thoracic surgeon.

Dr. Mary Punnen Lukose - First lady Surgeon-General of India.

Ranjan Roy Daniel, Physicist Director Chairman at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research & ex-Chairman of the Advisory Committee for Space Science at ISRO. 

Christie Jayaratnam Eliezer One of Australia's prominent Mathematicians and a recipient of the Order of Australia.

Dr VC Paes - Sports medicine. India's leading Sports Medicine consultant and researcher

Dr. Oliver P.D. Noronha - former Director of BHABHA ( atomic research centre) & researcher in Nuclear medicine. 

Tanishq Abraham - World's youngest Child prodigy genius and MENSA member for High IQ Whizkids. He has made several public appearances  ranging from TED Talks to  the Conan O' Brien's Show on TBS.

John Francis Ludger Gracias (1888-1969), among the first Goans to migrate to Kenya, played a major role in the establishment of the Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours. Awarded with an MBE by King Edward VIII, one of the few honours bestowed by King Edward in his short reign. 

Dr. Iris Paul - Indian Medical Doctor & Christian Missionary based in Tamil Nadu, India.

Bismark Dias - Brilliant civil engineer, remembered for designing the town of Vasco da Gama, with its tree-lined boulevards and gardens. 


Prem Watsa - Canadian multi-billionaire who is one of the wealthiest men in Canada. Also referred to as Canada's "Warren Buffet".
Prem is a practicing devout Roman Catholic.

Dr. P J Thomas - First Economic Advisor - Government of India. 

Anthony Lianzula - Head of Finance: General Accounts - Republic of India since 2017.

MG George Muthoot - Chairman Muthoot Group.
Founder of Muthoot Finance - World's largest Gold financing company.

TK Kurien - CEO, Wipro. CIO Premji Invest.


Ivan Menezes - Head of the World's Biggest Alcohol Company - Diageo.

Harish Salve - India's biggest lawyer & Chartered Accountant whose clientele include India's biggest industrialists such as the Ambanis, major movie stars, celebs and above all national interests. Salve is among the Top 10 most expensive lawyers in the world. Harish Salve is also an accomplished Pianist & a staunch Maharashtrian Christian.

Blaise Fernandes - President & CEO, The Indian Music Industry. CEO & Board Member of Gateway House, one of India's biggest Mumbai based foreign policy think-tanks which focus on ground breaking statistics, data collection and research into national security, industry & international affairs. Blaise was the head of the American media giant: Warner Bros Inc, South Asia. His previous work profile includes being a part of the WB global leadership team from 2007 to 2013. He also served as the  Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Edelweiss Finance. 

Leslie Biden & Family - Relatives of United States President-Elect 2020: Joe Biden. President-Elect Biden's relatives  live in Nagpur, Maharastra, India. The Bidens are of Irish ancestry, some of whom settled in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and India.

Al Mason - Special Advisor for the President Trump Victory committee for the Indian-American community.  Mason's rallying video for the forthcoming 2020 Presidential election went viral among the Indian-American diaspora.

Faye D'Souza
 - Bangalore based Leading News Anchor & Financial Expert. 
Editor for the leading News Channel - Mirror Now. One of the finest News Anchors on Indian Telivision 2017.



Zakka Jacobs - CNN-IBN

Awarded the prestigious "Best News Anchor" at the Asian Television Awards December 2016.


Pritish Nandy - Indian poet, painter, journalist, politician, media, television personality, animal activist and film producer.

Ashok M. Kurien ( Syrian Nasrani Catholic), Co-founder of Zee TV and all the Zee Channels. Currently, he is the Director of the Essel Group, Dish TV India & Asian Skyshop Ltd. 

Dr. Pranooy Roy ( Syrian Nasrani Catholic) who founded India's biggest and most prestigious-award winning No. 1 Media and news corporation - NDTV. Dr Roy is considered the pioneer of Digital Mass Media in India. Titled as "The Father of Electronic Media in India!"

Ravi J Mathai - Founder Director of the famous Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Ahmedabad. 


KT Chandy - Founder Director  of IIM, Calcutta. Former Director of Hindustan Lever & Food Corporation of India. 

Dr. Errol D'Souza - Prof. Economics. Current Director of IIM Ahmedabad.

Dr. Leo Varadkar (Leo de Varad) - Medical Doctor & Current Prime Minister of Ireland since 2017. Leo was raised Roman Catholic & has ancestral roots from Mumbai, Maharashtra.  

K.K Jacob - India's most revered Educationist. 

Peter Varghese, Director of the Office of National Assessments (Australia). Australian Diplomat & now Chancellor for the prestigious University of Queensland, Australia.

 P K H Tharakan - Former head of Research and Analysis Wing, RAW, India. 

Victor Menezes Chairman of the Clearing House Association, earlier been Chairman and CEO of Citibank and headed Citigroups Emerging Markets.

An engineer from IIT and a banker, Mr. Menezes Chairs the American India Foundation, is a Vice Chairman of the Asia Society and of Catholic Charities. He Chairs the Executive Committee of the Eisenhower Fellowships. He is a board member of Educational Testing Service and the MIT Corporation and is on the advisory boards of IIT, MIT Sloan and INSEAD.

Reji Abraham - Chairman, Aban Group. India's Largest Offshore Petroleum drilling company.

K. M. Mammen Mappillai - Founder of MRF ( India's biggest Tyre company ) 


Dr.Verghese Kurien - Father of the white revolution in India who revolutionized dairy farming and technology in South Asia. Founder of Diary Giant - Amul

Rahul da Cunha -  India's leading Media Brand and Advertising Agency. His father Sylvestor da Cunha was the man behind the famous AMUL Girl Logo as well as the famous Amul Cartoon Strips for the "India Today" media. 

Kulangara Paulo Hormis - Founder of the Federal Bank. 

Kochouseph Chittilappilly - Industrialist - ( V-Guard / Veega Land). His son: Arun Chittilapilly is the Founder of One of India's Biggest & most futuristic Amusement parks in different cities across the nation - Wonderla.

Francisco D'Souza - CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions


Joy Allukas, Alukkas Group ( India's biggest Gold dealers in the Middle East, India & USA).  He is now the world’s leading 22 carat jeweler’s retailer and owner of the world’s largest gold & diamond jewellery store in Chennai (India)

Sunny Varkey: Business Entrepreneur ( Gems Education - World's largest Private School Chain ), National Award Winner.

Thomas Varghese: CEO Aditya Birla Retail & Manufacturing. Business Head - Domestic Textiles, Aditya Birla Group, India.

Abraham Thomas: CEO of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (RBNL). Fmr. CEO of Radio City, Red FM, Indian Express, Sony, Astro Broadcast & MTv.

George Varghese: CEO & Wholetime Director of the Indian Express Group.

Benny Prasad : Son of a famous Indian Aerospace Engineer & Scientist,  Benny Prasad despite his ill-health since birth went on to become a World Renowned Indian Gospel Musician & Christian preacher. He is the Inventor of the Bentar (Bi-Stringed Guitar with inbuilt Bongo Drums).  World Record Holder for being the only human in recorded History to have travelled to all the 195 nations around the world in the shortest time possible. He is also the owner of the famous "Chai 3:16 Club" located in Bangalore which is a youth development & suicide prevention club. Benny has performed in World Olympic Games as well as before many world leaders and summits.

John Mathai: An economist who served as India's first Railway Minister (1947–1948), as Finance Minister (1949–1950), first Chairman of State Bank of India (1955), Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai (1955-1957) and of University of Kerala (1957-1959).

Anna Rajam George: First Female IAS Officer in India.

Barrister George Joseph: Prominent  lawyer and Indian independence activist. Remembered for his role in Home Rule agitation and Vaikom Satyagraha, and for his editorship of Motilal Nehru's "The Independent and Mahatma Gandhi's Young India."


Joseph Kayal Murikken - Pioneer in large-scale paddy cultivation. 

VK Abraham Varikkamakal: Former Director, Palm Oil India Ltd. and Karnataka palm oil. A national award winner. Pioneer in the Indian Palm Oil industry.

Chakola Lonappan Palu - Leader in Textile Trade & Industry 

Prof.TK Oomen: Emeritus Professor JNU. National Award winning Sociologist.

Mathews Mathuny AKA Toyota Sunny: Prominent Indian business man in Kuwait who Heroically saved the lives of thousands of Indian expatriates stranded in Kuwait during Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. This was known as "Operation Airlift" - the largest & most successful Aeronautical Rescue Evacuation operation in world history. The popular Bollywood blockbuster: "Airlift" (2015) starring Akshay Kumar who played Mathew's character was based on this incident.


T. N. Ninan - Editor and publisher of the Business Standard. 

Jacob Joseph Puthenparambil - Executive Editor of DVV Media Group and former Editor of IDGs LinuxWorld Middle East and Africa Edition, former Deputy Editor of Gulf Business. 

D. C. Kizhakkemuri - Author & Freedom Fighter, Founder of D C Books and publisher. 

Benny Mathews - American Director - famous Indian American Catholic director who directed and wrote such Teenage iconic hits such as "Dude wheres the party?" starring Kal Penn.


Dr. Abraham George - Philanthropist Humanitarian, Founder of The George Foundation (TGF), USA. 


Kamala Harris, United States Vice -Presidential Elect 2020. District Attorney of San Francisco; first Indian-American elected as a D.A. in the United States. Her sister, Maya Harris, was made the Executive Director of the ACLU of Northern California in October 2006. 
US Vice President Elect 2020: Kamala Harris is a practicing Baptist-Christian.


Mish Michaels - Emmy award winning Meteorologist for the Weather Channel and the CBS News affiliate in Boston 


Mario de Mirandafamous for his cartoons in The Illustrated Weekly of India, and a Padma Vibushan Awardee 


Dr K. C. Zachariah - Demographer, Senior Scientist (retd), The World Bank. Washington DC. 


Santhosh George Kulangara  - Founder: Safari Multimedia & a well noted explorer.

Monica Einzinger - Catholic, District Councillor of Vienna, Austria. 


Dom Moraes - won the American Press Club Citation for Excellence in Reporting, for some 20 articles he wrote for the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Also a poet. Died earlier this decade. 


Robert Chandran - Founder and CEO of Chemoil Corporation, U.S. 


Malcolm Adiseshiah - Economist, Former Deputy Director General of UNESCO & founder MIDS (Madras Institute of Development Studies). 


Dr.H.S.S. LawrenceAn eminent Educationist who was formerly Director of School Education, Tamil Nadu and UNESCO Expert to Government of Afghanistan. He is known as the Architect of TamilNadu Higher Secondary Education and Father of Vocational Education in Tamil Nadu. 

Fitz R S de Souza - barrister-at-law and PhD from London, was an important figure in African politics. Participated in Kenyan struggle for freedom. 

Dr. A. F. Pinto - Founder and Chairman of Ryan International Group of Institutions. Widely regarded as one of India's biggest & most reputed international chain of schools around India & overseas.

Tony Fernandes :  He is an Indian- Malaysian Businessman, Founder & CEO of Air Asia, Founder of Tune Group, Shareholder and Owner of Queens Park Rangers.

Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy
 - He founded the daily newspaper Sakshi and the television channel Sakshi TV. He is the chief promoter of Bharathi Cements, Indian Politician.

Niret Alva - founder and chairman Miditech.

A. V. Thomasbusinessman and politician, founder of A.V.T Group.

Neichute Duolo: National Award Winner - Social-Entrepreneur of the year 2016 at the World Economic Summit held at New Delhi.


George Abraham Thampy- Scripps National Spelling Bee 2000 winner. 


Troy Costa, Fashion Designer for Indian PM Narendra Modi. India's Top Fashion designer for men.

Wendell Rodricks:  He is one of India's greatest award winning Fashion Designers who hails from the Indian state of Goa.

C V Jacob - Chairman & founder of Synthite: India's Largest Spice company.


Air Marhsall PK Barbora. Chief of West India Command Air Force ( 2008) 

Chief of Indian Air Force - Air Marshall NAK Browne ( 2007) 

Air Marshal- Loretto Pereira 

Politics & Civil Service ( Indian Christians):

Election Commisioner of India : James Lyndogh - winner of the prestigious Magaysay Award. 

Noted Indian Christian Cops : 

Julio Francis Ribeiro, super-cop. Served as chief of police in Mumbai, and Governor of Punjab, during its troubled period of history. Later ambassador to Romania. 

Caejetan Joseph Vincent Miranda, of Loutolim, was director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, India. 

Indian-Christian Freedom Fighters:


  • Kali Charan Banerjee

  • Krishna Mohan Banerjee.

  • Madhusudan Das.

  • Amrit Kaur.

  • Harendra Coomar Mookerjee.

  • Pandita Ramabai.

  • S. K. Rudra.


INDIAN CHRISTIANS—Civil Service & Armed Forces 


FV ARUL—Director General of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) 


JOHN LOBO--- Director General of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)


R.H. MENDONCA--- Police Commissioner of Mumbai 


SUCHIT DAS—Director General of Police in Odisha 


J.F. REBEIRO—Chief/ Director General of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) & Director General of Police in Punjab


M. AKHAYA—Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in Telecommunication Department & Transport Commissioner of Odisha 


H.T SANGLIANA—Police Commissioner of Bangalore, Member of Parliament, Vice Chairman of National Commission for Minorities 


INDRAJIT JEE JACHUCK-- Director of Intelligence Department, served in IB & RAW


PAUL BHUYAN-- Special Chief Secretary (Home Department) to Government of Undivided Andhra Pradesh


MICHAEL MASCARENHAS—Managing Director of Air India 


R.L. PEREIRA—Chief of Indian Navy 


O.S. DAWSON--- Chief of Indian Navy 


SUSHIL KUMAR--- Chief of Indian Navy 


P. J. JACOB - Former Vice Chief of Naval Staff


K. J. MATTHEWS – Former Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command


D.L. FONTAINE—Chief of Indian Air Force 

SUNITH FRANCIS RODRIGUES—Chief of Indian Army & Former Governor of Punjab 

YOHANNAN CHACKO THARAKKAN - Director General of Indian Army Headquarters

PHILIP CAMPOSE - Vice Chief of the Army Staff of the Indian Army

BOBBY CHERIAN MATHEWS – General officer commanding of Konark Corps

SANGRAM KESHARI RAY--Brigadier in Indian Army, Chairman of Odisha State Transport Corporation.

ALBERT EKKA—Soldier of Indian Army, Awarded India’s Highest Gallantry Award, ‘Param Vir Chakra’ 

SAROJ JENA—Air Marshal of Indian Air Force 

PRASANTA CHITTA SANTRA—Air Vice Marshal of Indian Air Force 

SACHIDANANDA NAYAK—Air Commodore in Indian Air Force 

RANJIT NAYAK---Chief Adviser to Prime Minister of Macedonia, World Bank’s Lead (Principal) Social Development Specialist, World Bank's country chief for Kosovo

NIRMAL KUMAR MUKARJI—Union Cabinet Secretary,  & Governor of Punjab 

RANJAN MATHAI—India’s Foreign Secretary 

GEORGE JOSEPH--- India’s Ambassador to Qatar, Bahrain & Turkmenistan 

PAUL POTHEN-- Founding Managing Director of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, (IFFCO)           Founding Managing Director of Krishak Bharati Cooperative (KRIBHCO)   


BIDYUT PRAMANIK-- longest serving Chief Executive/General Secretary of The Bible Society of India (BSI), former Vice-President of the World Christian Endeavour Union (WCEU)

MOHIT PRAMANIK-- former MD (managing director) of SAIL-MSTC (Metal and Scrap Trading Corporation), former Industrial Advisor to Govt of India

P. J. THOMAS—Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) 

P.C. ALEXANDER—Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India, Governor of Maharashtra, Governor of Tamil Nadu


CHRISTY FERNANDEZ—Secretary to President of India 

JIJI THOMSON--- Director General of SAI (Sports Authority of India) 

RADHAKANT NAYAK-- former Rajya Sabha M.P., former Secretary to Government of India, Founder-President of NISWASS University, 1st Ever Recipient of Dr. Ambedkar National Award 

JOHNY JOSEPH—Chief Secretary of Maharashtra 

J. ALEXANDER—Chief Secretary of Karnataka, State Minister of Karnataka 

V.S. MATTHEWS—Chief Secretary of Odisha 

TOM JOSE—Chief Secretary of Kerala


ANTHONY De Sa—Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh 

M.MENZES—Chairman of Railway Board

MICHAEL PATRA-- Executive Director at Reserve Bank of India (RBI), member of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), shortlisted for the post of Deputy Governor of RBI

BINOY PATRA—Bureaucrat, Additional Secretary of Finance Department, sportsman the 1st Badminton State Champion of Odisha, 

JOHN DAYAL—Member of National Integration Council (NIC), President of All India Christian Council 

BENJAMIN MOHANTY--- Secretary of Railway Board, Director General of RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization), the General Manager of South East Railways 

SAROJ RAJ CHOUDHRY--- Padma Shri awardee, environmentalist, wildlife conservationist, writer. 1st Forest Conservator under the Government of Odisha, 1st field director of Similipal Project Tiger, 1st Tiger census in India in 1972 was headed by him. 

N.K. P SALVE—President of BCCI, Chairman of Finance Commission (He was the father of India’s Solicitor General, HARISH SALVE) 

DEEPAK BEHERA-- present Vice-Chancellor of Sambalpur University, former Vice-Chancellor of Berhampur University, 

NATHAN RAUL-- Vice-Chairman of Income Tax Settlement Commission, Mumbai, the Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax Dept, Odisha

T.C MATHEW- Vice President of BCCI 

JAMES LIMA-- IT industrialist, entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of “Jamy Interactive, Inc”, in USA, which is a multinational corporation providing business consulting, software technology, and engineering in India, USA, Dubai (UAE) and Malaysia, the annual turnover of his company is in excess of $60 million US dollars

UDAY NATH PANI---, entrepreneur, owner of several Buses under his Business venture, Pani Bus Service. Apart from Business in transport services, he established his own a Star Hotel named “Hotel Paradise” on Grand Road, Puri

ANTHONY DE MELLO- 1st ever Secretary of BCCI 

JAYANTA MAHAPATRA--- renowned Poet & Author, Padma Shri awardee. 1st ever  Indian English Poet to win the Sahitya Akademi Award, author of popular poems as “Indian Summer” and “Hunger”, which are regarded as classics in modern Indian English literature


Alphons Kannathanam - BJP, Union Minister of India - Electronics, IT, Culture & Tourism.

Anna Chandy
- First woman judge of an Indian High Court. 

Ambika Soni 

A K Antony  -
Former Defense Minister of India.

Ajit Jogi 

Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy -
Medical Doctor & Politician. 

Margaret Alva 

Oscar Fernandes - High Level Politician in the Congress party.

Jagdish Tytler 

P. A. Sangma 

George Fernandes 

Oommen Chandy 

Joy Cherian 

Rajkumari Amrit Kaur - First President of AIIMS ( All India Institute of Medical Sciences).  Pioneer in Healthcare who greatly contributed to the development of AIIMS. She was a politician in the INC ( Indian National Congress) & participated in the Freedom struggle against the British.

Rajkumari Amrit Kaur was a Christian.

She founded the National Sports Club of India  - South Asia's biggest Sports institution.

Cherian Philip 

Sonia Gandhi (Born: Sonia Maino)- The *Head of the UPA- Indian National Congress.

*Currently the INC-UPA is headed by Sonia Gandhi's son: Rahul Gandhi who is a practicing Shaivite Hindu Brahmin. Rahul Gandhi follows the religion of his Indian Kashmiri Brahmin father (Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi). His sister Priyanka Gandhi is a practicing Buddhist.

Source : 

Indian origin Christian foreign politicians and leaders:

Former Prime Minister of Ireland & Medical Doctor - Dr. Leo Varadkar:  Dr. Leo Varadkar was the First Indian-origin PM of one of the World's Richest Nations (Ireland). He was raised Roman Catholic and has ancestral roots from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Dinesh D'Souza -  Leading American Conservative Republican Pundit, Filmmaker, Best  Selling Author & Intellectual. Dinesh has become the biggest political documentary Filmmaker in Hollywood beating even his liberal Democrat counterpart Michael Moore. D'Souza was also the President of the prestigious Kings College in Manhattan, New York City. He was raised as a devout Goan Roman Catholic and hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Ravi Zacharias - Famous Indian-American Christian Evangelical Leader and Bible scholar. Pastor Zacharias has been a very influential global Christian leader and Republican in the United States who has influenced many American Christian leaders. One of his famous students is the current Official White House Press Chief serving under President Trump: Kayleigh McEnany

Nikki Haley - Republican (USA) Governor of South Carolina & President Trump's UN Head.

Sebastian Edathy - ( Syrian Nazrani Catholic ) - Member of Parliment, Germany. 

He is the highest ranked Asian officer in Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Socialist party. The highest position an Indian could ever achieve in Europe's biggest powerhouse - Germany! 

Keith Vaz - Manglorean Catholic : British MP ( Labour Party), the most prominent British-Asian politician in the UK. He is also the Cabinet Minister ( Europe & Commonweath Relations) 

Governor Bobby Jindal : Roman Catholic : Ultra Rightwing Conservative Republican.

Supriya Jolly Jindal : Roman Catholic, Indian American Republican & first lady of Louisiana. 

Dr. Joy Cherian Appointed by President Reagan to be first Asian and Indian American to head the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1987. 

Rachel Paulose first woman to become a U.S. Attorney in Minnesota, US Attorney for the District of Minnesota 


Leander Paes

Mahesh Bhupathy - Tennis

Mary Kom - Boxing Champion

Anju Bobby George - Athletics-Long Jump 

Dipika Pallikal: National Squash Champion

Abey Kuruvilla - Cricket 

Vijay Amritraj -Tennis 

Prakash Amritraj - Tennis 

Viren Wilfred Rasquinha: Fmr. Captian of the Indian National Hockey Team. CEO of Olympic Gold Quest - India's Biggest Sports Talent Organization.

Jemimah Rodrigues - Award winning Mumbai based female cricketer and titled as the "Standout Player for India 2020" by the ICC (International Cricket Council).  

Jimmy George - Volley-Ball 

Roger Binny - Cricket 

Vijay Hazare - Cricket 

Noel David - Cricket 

David Johnson - Cricket 

Tinu Yohanan - Cricket 

Nisha Millet- Swimming ( Fastest Swimmer in South and west Asia ) 

Varghese Johnson - Boxing 

Dilip Tirkey - Field Hockey 


Vivian Dsena (Catholic) - Considered the Heart Throb of Indian TV. One of the biggest Hindi TV lead stars.

Akshay Anand (Real Name: John Gardner)- Popular TV & Movie Star.

Akshay Kapoor (Real name: Swapnil John Goyel) - Born Again Christian. Indian-American Actor & WWE Commentary Broadcaster.

Waluscha deSouza - Indian Catholic Supermodel & actress. 


Nafisa Joseph: Top  rated Supermodel, MTv VJ & former Miss India-Universe. 

Jacqueline Fernandes (Catholic) - Bollywood movie star from Sri-Lanka now based in Mumbai.

Katrina Kaif: (Real Name: Katrina Turquotte). She is a leading Bollywood Superstar. Born to a British Christian mother & Kashmiri Muslim father. Katrina Kaif practices Catholicism (Christianity).   Katrina often visits & prays at the Mt. Mary Catholic Church at  West Bandra, Mumbai.

Remo Fernandes
 - The Pioneer of Indian Pop Music.

Avial - India's Biggest Hard Rock/ Alternate Indie Rock band which has ruled the charts since 2003. The band was founded in Trivandrum, Kerala and is comprised of four Malayalee Syrian  Nazrani Catholic musicians who have acquired national and international attention for their creative and unique fusion styles. The founders of the band are Tony John, Rex Vijayan, John Varkey, Benny Isaac & Benjamin Paul. By many accounts, they are widely considered as one of the very best Rock groups in the country.

Diana Penty : Indian Supermodel & Award Winning Actress.

Erica Fernandez: Leading South Indian Actress.

Gaelyn MendoncaWinner of MTv VJ Hunt. Former MTv VJ. Noted Indian TV personality, Mixed Martial Artist, Action-Adventure Sports Anchor & Actress. Currently Chief Host of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) India.

Nikhil D'Souza: Leading  Indie Rock-Pop Star based in the UK. Originally a Geologist & Musician from Mumbai, India.

Clinton Cerejo: Leading New Age Bollywood music composer & song writer.

Freida Pinto: Internationally renowned Indian-American Hollywood actress who has starred in many American & British films.She is a Mangalorean Catholic from Mumbai, India.

Ashok Amritraj ( Catholic) - Hollywood Producer and owner of MGM-Hyde Park Entertainment Studios, LA ( USA). 

Vijay Amritraj ( Catholic) - Former President of ATP Tennis and popular authority worldwide on tennis. 

Lisa Ray - Indo-Canadian supermodel and now Canadian/ Hollywood actress. 

Tom Alter - Padma Shri award winning famous Theater, TV & Film Personality of American descent. Tom and his parents were American Christian missionaries who settled in North East India. Most of his ancestors & family still live in their native Ohio, USA.

Jamie Alter - Noted Sports Editor & actor of American descent. Jamie is the son of Tom Alter.

Lara Dutta - Miss Universe 2000. Lara Dutta is a devout Roman Catholic (Christian). She is also a Bollywood star.

Luke Kenny:  MTv/ Channel V VJ, Rock Musician, Actor, Model & TV Personality. Noted for playing a Rocker in the 2008 Bollywood blockbuster: "Rock On". 

Harris Jayraj - Leading Tamil Music director & One of India's most successful Music directors

Mithoon Sharma - Bollywood's Leading Music Director. famous for winning many awards. He has composed some of the most popular songs in modern Bollywood. Mithoon converted into Christianity and is now a Christian Preacher. He is a Devout Christian.

Vikrant Massey: Leading Indian TV Star. New Age Bollywood Star.

Catherine Tresa Alexander: Leading South Indian Star.

Loy Mendonsa (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) - Famous Music Composer, Director and Pianist.

Alyssa Mendonsa - Reputed Musician & SingerAlyssa's music profile on the BBC.

Terence Lewis - India's leading Dance choreographer.

Remo D'Souza - India's Biggest Dance Choreographer. He is also a Movie Director who has directed the 2018 Blockbuster Big Release: "Race-3".

Sabu Vincent Cyril - Director & SFX Designer. India's greatest National Award winning Visual/ Special Effects & Art Design creator. Some of his works include the Tamil hit "Enthiran ( Robot)" & the "Bahubali" Series - India's most expensive movies.

The Christian names behind the success of a Indian mythological movie extravaganza!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu (Akkenini): Currently the biggest female Superstar in the South Indian Film industry.

Dr Reita Faria - Medical doctor married & based in Ireland and also India's 1st Miss World !

Jennifer Winget - Leading Hindi TV Star.

Krystle D'Souza - Leading Hindi TV Star. 

Diana Hayden - Miss Universe 1997. 

Tamara Moss - Catholic,Indian supermodel.

Manasi Scott - Musician, DJ, Composer, Actress & National Level Basket Ball Player. 

Sarah Jane Dias - Femina Miss India World 2007 - 2008. Roman Catholic from Mangalore.

Michelle Innes: 
India's most successful Gladrags SuperModel is an Indian Catholic girl from New Delhi.

Suleka Mathew - Popular Hollywood Actress based in Canada.

Mark Menezes, Ian Santamaria & Mark Selwyn: who along with Uday Benegal & Mahesh Tinaikar were the founders of India's First Hard Rock Band "Indus Creed" from Mumbai in 1984. The band's song "Pretty Child" went on to become a major hit in the early 90's. It was the first Indian song to be inducted in the Top 100 Best Songs of MTv USA throughout the world in the year 1993. Indus Creed (Formerly known as India's Rock Machine) were the earliest pioneers of Rock & Pop music in India.

Mahesh Mathai
: Director of India's First Rock Music Video which featured on MTv in 1987.

Krisann Barretto - Rising Indian TV star and Model based in Mumbai.

Xavier Naidoo - German Pop Superstar. Xavier is of Indo-German heritage & is an award winning internationally recognized R&B musician/ song writer/ music director from Mannheim, Germany.

Niveda Thomas - Award Winning South Indian Actress & Architect.

Prayaga Martin - Award Winning South Indian Star.

Miya George: Popular Model & Actress from South India.

Christina Mohini - Popular 90's Tamil Movie Star. She is a staunch Christian

Andrea JeremiahLeading Tamil Actress, Fitness Model, Musician & Rock Singer.

Regina Cassandra: Leading Tamil Actress & Model.

Nivin Pauly - South Indian movie star.

Lissy - 90's Malayalam Star.

Meera Jasmine - Tamil Star.

Amala Paul - South Indian Actress.

Hazel Crowney : Indian Manglorean Roman Catholic ( based in the UK ) Supermodel

Indian leading Commercial Supermodel of Goan Roman Catholic heritage - Cleo Isaacs. The face of Garnier India

Nicolette Bird:   Roman Catholic Leading model.

Shonali Rosario - Supermodel.

Fleur Xavier - leading Indian supermodel & Interior Designer.

Candice Pinto : is today Considered as the most perfectly sculptored face and body in the Indian Supermodelling industry.

Perizaad Zorabian
 - Indian Roman Catholic actress & Model ( Indo- Persian lineage). A convert to Catholicism from Zoroastrianism.

Sara Corner - Femina Miss India 2001 

Carol Garcias - India's Top Ranked #1 Fashion Supermodel For Many Years.

Asin Mary Thottumkal ( Syrian Nasrani Catholic ) : South Indian Film industry's most successful Female Superstar and Model.

Nayantara ( Real name : Diana Mariam Kurien)
- Leading South Indian Tamil movie Star. She was born in an Indian Syrian Malankara Orthodox family.

 Chiyaan Vikram ( Real name : John Victor Kennedy)- Catholic,  National Award winning Tamil superstar, who is well renowned for his outstanding acting & genius ! 

Anu Emmanuel - South Indian Actress. She is an upcoming Star & Brand ambassador.

Joseph Vijay : Tamil movie industry superstar, he is 2nd only to actor Rajnikanth in terms of popularity. 

John Abraham - Catholic, Bollywood Star, famous Model, Martial artist ( Taekwando), Soccer star & BA ( Hons) Economics. 

Dino Morea - Catholic, Bollywood star from Goa. 

Babita Kapoor - Mother of Karishma & Kareena Kapoor.

Tara Anne Fonseca - India's first successful International Supermodel. Winner of Miss Asia-Pacific 1973.

Johnny Lever - Popular Bollywood Comedian.

Boscoe-Caesar - National Award Winning Indian Film Choreographers.

 Ileana D'Cruz - Catholic, South Indian Movie female star. 

Genelia D'Souza - Catholic, Model, South Indian and Bollywood Star

Mandakini ( Real name : Yasmeen Roy Joseph) - Popular 80's actress 

Malaika Arora - MTv VJ, Model, Fitness Celeb & Actress. Practicing Roman Catholic.

Amrita Arora - Catholic Bollywood actress & Model.  

Kim Michelle Sharma : Indian Protestant Christian Bollywood Actress & Model

Maria Goretti - Catholic; former MTv VJ, Actress, Chef & Economics Major. 

Cyrus Broacha - Catholic TV host ( MTv VJ) from Mumbai. Cyrus Broacha has a Parsee father & Catholic mother.

Melissa Catherine Mehra - North Indian Catholic Supermodel & Kingfisher Calender babe of the year 2007-2008. 

Helen Brodie - Catholic Goan, Indian based International supermodel / actress. 

Nagma - Pentecostal Christian, Popular Bollywood & South Indian actress. She is currently a Congress Party Leader based in Mumbai and a Christian preacher.

Rachel White - Model & Actress.

Hazel Keech - Model & Actress

Kenny Sebastian - India's Biggest Stand Up Comedian. He is a musician, film maker & comedian by profession.

Abish Matthew - Popular Comedian from the show AIB (All India Backchod) & popular Youtuber.

Niti Taylor - Indian Actress. Teenage Heart throb on Indian Tv.

Lydian Nadhaswaram - World's greatest Child Prodigy Pianist from Chennai, India. Lydian won the popular American CBS talent show "The World's Best" and the associated $1 million prize money. India's biggest music director & Lydian's mentor AR Rahman personally admires this young Pianist.

Sandra Amy
- Miss Trivandrum. VJ & Actress.

Leslie Lewis - Famous Indian Pop Musician & Composer.













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